When we lose our voice, we lose our power and our ability to speak for our rights.

This was the fate of Echo, the mythical Greek nymph, who was disembodied from her voice. Echo was unjustly punished for her actions and faded out of sight to exist only as a voice destined to repeat the last words of others.

Echo became invisible.

Her fate underpins The Echo Project. The Echo Project hopes to revive the echoes of people who have faded from consciousness.

To make the invisible, visible.

The Voice


The Inspiration

The Action

The Echo Project is the brainchild of Lucy Cornell, CEO of the Cornell Voice Advisory, an Australian corporate consultancy helping business leaders speak with influence. Lucy has worked globally with 1000s of business executives, who, by birth, education or sheer hard work, are fortunate to have a voice in the world. However, having a voice is easy to take for granted.

Through The Echo Project she hopes to shed light on the privilege it is to have a voice in the world.

When Mark Davis is inspired he moves mountains.

Mark met Christine Dolan and was moved. He is the visionary behind Christine Dolan's presence in Australia which has culminated in a dozen speaking events, media appearances and meetings with significant business leaders and policy makers. Mark is horrified by the world of human trafficking and is not being silent about it.

Skye Lee is the Founder of Material Witness. She brings her passion for supporting women in impoverished countries by helping them build a sustainable income through clothing manufacturing. Her passion for the ethics of the rag trade has come to bear during Christine Dolan's tour. She is the driving force behind Christine's Melbourne event.