The Echo Project Interview Series

with Lucy Cornell

"Where words prevail not, violence prevails."
The Spanish Tragedy, Thomas Kyd , 1587

Tara Moss

Your Right to Speak
with Tara Moss

Lucy Cornell interviews Tara Moss on being a voice against sexual abuse and her book, Speaking Out.

Rosie Batty

Family violence is a crime.
It is a violation of human rights.

Lucy Cornell interviews Rosie Batty on how she found her voice in the wake of such personal family violence.
Full interview - early November.

Christine Dolan

Human trafficking is a
shared global shame.

It is in our country.

Our fear of looking at this ugly issue perpetuates its existence. Your voice will help end the silence.

> Christine's Australian Media Appearances - October 2016


Yalda Hakim

Lucy Cornell interviews Yalda Hakim,  Australian-Afghani journalist based in London for the BBC, on refugee crises and global issues of silence.

Interview coming December