Lucy Cornell

As CEO of the Cornell Voice Advisory, Lucy has been empowering business leaders globally for over a decade.

As a keynote speaker, Lucy has spoken in 18 countries to 1000’s of executives at over 300 events globally. She enables leaders to connect with and engage their audience with an authentic voice; one that demonstrates presence, credibility, persuasive power, confidence and vision.

Lucy is one of 200 Linklater trained voice teachers in the world with has extensive academic and practical experience training with voice tutors from Royal Shakespeare Company (UK) and as an actor and teacher at Shakespeare and Company (USA). She also holds a Masters of Applied Science in Voice Research (U.Sydney) and a Bachelor of Arts/Education (UNSW).

Lucy has been a specialist speaker for Young President’s Organization (YPO) events globally for the past ten years in Istanbul, Barcelona, Miami, Pakistan, Dubai, Oman, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand. YPO members are all CEOs of high net-worth businesses whose expectation of education is high.

Lucy leads an international voice and performance coaching team for advocacy courses run by the Australian Bar Association and the General Council of the Bar of South Africa. 

Lucy takes her work with business leaders off-road as the Founder of The Echo Project, which supports silenced communities; women, domestic violence survivors and the world of human trafficking. As a foil, Lucy helps business executives shed light on what a privilege it is to have a voice in the world and begs the question: You have the right to speak. What are you doing with it?